Bits and Bobs, but mostly Bobs

Bit Of Old Glass

Graveyards have been places to dispose of more than just dead relatives. In Dunfermline we’re excavating bits of dead building too, used to stop the gravestones above from sinking into the soft earth. Fragments of glass, such as this 19th century piece, from vessels and windows alike, are abundant.

Holes Found In Rock

According to legend these holes were made to support standards displayed during an 11th century battle between Scots and Danes. Seems a lot of effort just to stop a couple of flags falling over for a battle that most likely never happened. But what other reasonable explanation is there? I’m sorry there is no scale in the photos. However, the holes are 13” apart, the larger one is roughly 20” x 12” x 11”, while the other is about 14” x 11” x 10”.

Here’s The Beach

The Forth Rail Bridge provided a suitably dramatic backdrop to a beach combing session; part of a day long archaeological workshop.

A Brick On A Beach

But which beach?

Falkland Fungi

Feeling sorry for myself, wandering in the woods near Falkland, in Fife, I came across these. Are they the fruiting bodies of one big fungus growing under the soil, or are they lots of little fungi each fruiting all by themselves?

On The Roof

I finally found my way up to the roof garden of the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh and it was worth it!